Voice technologies

BSS Company offers state-of-the-art solutions based on voice technology application in online-banking and call-centers for access control and security, as well as generation of personal offers on the basis of phone conversations’ analysis.

The solutions are registered in Russia. BSS Company is the exclusive distributor of these solutions in the territory of CIS. VOICE Communication company is the partner of BSS in the integration of voice solutions.


Speech recognition

  • uses the latest advances in machine learning;
  • acoustic and language modeling is based on neural network algorithms;
  • new approach to speech decoding enables operation with open dictionaries of unlimited volume;
  • the speech is decoded real-time. The system features high resistance to various types of noise and record channels;
  • the system’s technical implementation allows significant saving of computational resources.
High accuracy of recognition is achieved by means of neural networks application and connection of large lexicons.

Voice verification

  • general acoustic model based on Russian-speaking voices database is used for voiceprint building;
  • the voiceprint is adapted to a particular type of noise in the record in the course of verification;
  • voice verification is independent of the text pronounced;
  • the speech recognition module is connected during verification;
  • besides the voiceprint, voice recognition allows verifying the speaker by individual differences of pronunciation of separate phonemes’ combinations.
High accuracy of voice verification is achieved by interaction with speech recognition system and adaptation of prints to noise.

Speech analytics

  • statistical semantic (SSM) model is trained on recognition probability graph, not on the readily recognized text;
  • semantic categories in the dialog are predicted using support vector machine (SVM) algorithms;
  • the solution includes visual instrument for independent development of closed grammars on the client side.
Semantic recognition uses the same approaches as search query classification.

Implementation and results

Call-centerOnline-bankingAccess control and securityBig Data

Creation of indexed archive, conversation quality analysis, online-processing of events with the key phrases, voice verification; intelligent assistant IVR.

Voice control, voice verification, voice signature.

Management of access passwords to software packages.

Voice confirmation of payment as an analogue of manual signature.

Personalized offers based on phone conversation analysis.

Usage results

  • direct reduction of operators’ work (both in case of passive requests, e. g., to get help, and active ones — to conduct a transaction);
  • First call resolution — thanks to intellectual IVR, the subscriber instantly dials the right specialist (no switching between operators);
  • reduction of client verification time (it is especially actual when the call is made from a phone which is not bound to the client’s card);
  • reduction of time in IVR (for those paying for 8-800);
  • increasing the client loyalty because of efficient solution of issues;
  • creation of intellectual assistant — the system understands the meaning and conducts a dialog with the user instead of recognition of words;
  • self-services — search of the nearest ATM/subdivision, account balance, payment conduction according to a template, etc., without an operator.

For more information on BSS solutions based on voice technologies and purchase conditions please contact BSS Sales Department at: +7 (495) 785-04-94, 785-04-99 or by E-mail: sale@bssys.com.