«Notification Server» is designed for banks to provide their current and potential customers with interactive online service delivered through various information channels (SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, etc.).


The «Notification Server» system (further NS) is designed to solve the following tasks of banking business:

  • distribution of marketing materials aimed at engagement of new customers, or boosting the consumption of banking products by current ones;

  • informing customers about the state of their banking products. In each particular case the solution of a given problem is focused on achieving results, for example:

    — to increase the percentage of customers’ liabilities met in a timely manner (for instance, credit repayment);

    — to minimize credit card fraud losses suffered by customers and banks;

    — to boost the consumer appeal of banking products by delivery of up-to-date service which could replace regular calls and visits to the bank for current account balance inquiry, getting transactions details etc.

  • providing reference information about the bank (for instance, contact information and business hours), about products and services offered by the bank.


    Using NS for the purposes of customer communication provides an opportunity:

  • to reduce expenses concerning information services offered to customers in the lobby (operating room, customer service area), or by means of the call-centre;

  • to charge for information services included in the structure of banking products;

  • to boost the consumer appeal of banking products by complementing them with information services which can be rendered in efficient manner by means of automatic information processing only, for example:

    — bulk services or services that claim a huge amount of information processing;

    — services that allow to process and transfer information which quickly loses its actuality;

    — services that allow to process and transfer confidential information.

  • to raise customer loyalty by means of extending the bank’s services beyond the limits of standard clearing transactions.


    NS makes banking products and services more convenient for customers, both current and potential ones:

  • requests serving in 24×7 mode;

  • worldwide access to service: a consumer can receive information required being at any place since technical means of information access are widespread and mobile;

  • a customer receives an answer to his request quite promptly as the response messages are composed automatically.

    All the advantages mentioned above are relevant to current and potential customers since there is no need for any registration to get the necessary reference information about the bank and its products and services.


    To solve the given tasks NS has functionality that allows:

  • to subscribe customers to information services and marketing distribution;

  • to receive information about events that occurr in external information systems (OIS);

  • to receive customers’ requests for information;

  • to compose messages based on data received from external systems;

  • to compose random messages that contain marketing information concerning the bank and banking products;

  • to send messages to customers through various information channels;

  • to keep record of messages sent to customers;

  • to retrieve accounting information particularly for billing of rendered services.

    The system has inherent capabilities of future expansion which do not require any significant modifications. NS allows expanding:

  • the structure of information channels;

  • the structure of information requested and received from external information systems;

  • the structure of external information systems which support NS with the information required;

  • the structure of composed and distributed messages.


    The NS system shares the same technological platform and can be fully integrated with the «CORREQTS» system that is designed for the bank’s (financial institution) front-office automation and covers all the sphere of contact with final consumers of banking and financial products.

    An important feature of NS is easy and flexible integration with any information system used by the bank (ERP-systems, processing systems, ABS etc.) which can be achieved by means of «CORREQTS» gateway manager.

    Among other distinctive features of NS inherited from the «CORREQTS» platform are:

  • three-tier distributed «consumer-server»-architecture;

  • real-time operations mode;

  • platform independent solution based on JAVA-technology;

  • support of various RDBMS including Oracle, MS SQL, Firebird;

  • scalability of the solution, distribution of computation load and clusterization (support of the industrial solutions);

  • possibility of integration with any external channels.

    To receive more detailed information about the system, please contact our sales department on the tel.: (495)785-04-94.