«FRAUD-Analysis» is the solution intended for fraud prevention of corporate customers servicing through the remote banking service systems (RBS). The solution corresponds completely to the specificity of banking business in the Russian Federation.

For fraud protection in the RBS systems for corporate customers developed by BSS the extensive complex of measures ensuring the raised level of information security has been elaborated. However, to provide truly safe remote banking services and keep a high level of comfort, it is necessary for bank to incur protection of corporate customers against actions of intruders. For these purposes BSS Company suggests banks to use the «FRAUD-Analysis» system intended for operative checking by bank of payment documents on fraud directly before the execution.

The current version of the «FRAUD-Analysis» system supports its on-line compatibility with the remote banking services systems for corporate customers — «RBS BS-Client» and CORREQTS.

The possibility of the on-line-operation has been realized on the basis of the industrial platform IBM WebSphere MQ 6.0. This reduces time losses for interaction maintenance between the «FRAUD-Analysis» system and the external systems, and also guarantees delivery and safety of data transmission.

The scheme of functioning

The working process of the «FRAUD-Analysis» system consists of the following steps:

  • a client sends payment document to a bank;
  • a payment document is unloaded in the «FRAUD-Analysis» system;
  • the «FRAUD-Analysis» system holds up checking by the rules which have been adjusted by bank and gives out the result.

There are possible the following variants of the result received under the each separate document:

  • The document has successfully passed the checking.
  • The suspicious document, intervention of the operator is required.
  • The document is roguish.

If the document has successfully passed checking it automatically continues its way.

If the document is suspicious or roguish it stops before the decision-making by the responsible expert of bank. The stop is optional and the decision is to be accepted by bank.

In case of fraud detection, except for the information conclusion to an automated workplace of the operator, the additional informing of the operator is possible by means of the «Notification Server» system, for example, SMS-sending on his/her mobile phone or on the client’s mobile phone.

The «FRAUD-Analysis» system is compatible to the version of «RBS BS-Client» v. 3.17.7 and above.