Brand New

CORREQTS Retail v. 3.3.25
BSS Company updated the RBS system for retail clients.

CORREQTS Corporate v. 2.3.25
Support for PayControl service, new documents on “Currency control”, and upload of new documents to TIS.

«RBS BS-Client. Retail Client» v. 2.7.21
The system supports new versions of PIS RLP formats 1.16.7 and 2.1.1.

«RBS BS-Client x64» v. 20.1.750
The new version features a set of services for SME clients and option to work with Bot-Trek Secure Bank module by Group-IB company.

«FRAUD-Analysis» v. 4.7
Version v. 4.7 continues to expand the system’s functionality to support 167-ФЗ (RUS).

«Notification Server» v. 2.11
New version 2.11 supports Linux OS.

«Mobile Business Client»
The solution provides the banks corporate clients the ability to manage accounts of their corporations using tablets and smartphones.