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28 February 2020

All-Russian Regional Development Bank (VBRR) joined the Faster Payment System (FPS). Now, VBRR’s private clients will be able to transfer funds to individuals’ accounts in other banks participating in FPS. Transfer is carried out by phone number.

FPS makes it possible to make instant transfers in real time around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

Access to the system is possible via VBRR’s mobile application or Internet bank. The beneficiary’s phone number can be entered manually or selected from the contact list. The user will be offered a list of financial organizations — participants of FPS, to which money can be transferred. If the beneficiary of funds has set the "Default Bank" option in his mobile application, the bank chosen by him will be displayed the first in the list...

Original publication

Internet bank and Mobile bank for VBRR’s retail clients are based on BSS’s solutions. In order for the bank to be able to connect and work in Faster Payment System (FPS), BSS implemented this opportunity in the solutions used. As a result, the bank received the necessary functionality and is completely satisfied with the new service.

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