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27 October 2017

Bank "Otkritie" announces the first release of the new Internet bank "Otkritie — Business Online" for medium and large business segment clients. The updated system makes it possible to view all the financial information related to a group of companies using one login and password.

The new Internet bank "Otkritie — Business Online" is built on the basis of a contemporary technology platform and has an intuitive interface. It works in all browsers, MS Windows 7 operating systems and higher.

A distinctive feature of the Internet bank is more simple work with documents and payments. At the first stage, standard operations are available to the bank’s clients, such as: creation of ruble payments and sending to the bank, placement of funds on "Classic" deposit, an account statement, as well as summary data for all companies of the group.

Operations with currency control documents, an opportunity to issue an electronic bank guarantee; a legally significant electronic document circulation will be available at the next stages of the development of the new Internet bank. The bank’s clients can use the old and new versions of Internet Bank "Otkritie" simultaneously until the full integration of all transactions in the new Internet bank.

"We are constantly optimizing our products and services, primarily basing on client needs, using the best technological practices to ensure the speed, stability and security when dealing with digital services," Mrs. Maria Subbotina, Managing director of corporate strategy, bank "Otkritie". "The interaction of the Internet bank with the direct user, which manages the business finances of the company, will change together with the redesign and architecture. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the new solution will analyse and forecast the needs for the company’s cash management products and services offering various tools."

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The remote banking services system for corporate clients CORREQTS Corporate, on the basis of which the Internet bank for business is implemented in Bank Otkritie, is the development of BSS Company, and represents a new level of development of the corporate RBS. CORREQTS Corporate replaced "RBS BS-Client" and provides the most demanded services to the bank’s business clients.

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