KORUS Consulting expanded its product line with intelligent voice solutions by BSS

7 July 2020

KORUS Consulting group of companies and BSS entered into a partnership agreement. Thanks to cooperation, the IT company’s product portfolio was replenished with the Russian Digital2Speech solution for automating omnichannel customer service for clients who contacted the support service.

Digital2Speech is an artificial intelligence-based unified omnichannel platform that includes speech, meaning and emotion recognition services, as well as speech analytics and voice biometrics. The platform’s voice assistants and chat bots respond to clients’ requests, which reduces the load on the contact center and provides support for requests around the clock. If robots cannot answer a question, they transfer calls to company employees.

Neural networks allow robots to constantly improve: they take on more and more tasks, analyze intonation, timbre and pauses, which increases the accuracy of understanding queries. In the case of typical calls, Digital2Speech is able to provide complete automation of interaction with clients. This is especially true during peak periods — customer service is made without long waiting times on the line, and only part of the calls is transferred to operators.

Digital2Speech makes it possible to scale customer service to provide a full omnichannel service with voice control capabilities for applications on mobile devices and websites. The IT solution helps to transfer communications from voice channel to text and vice versa, and has authentication and voice identification functions. A set of flexible tools allows companies to independently train robots in new specifics and adapt to different industries. AI robots take into account the peculiarities, technical terminology, common questions and typical dialogues of a particular organization. The platform can quickly adapt to the narrow requirements of the company and its clients, including on the basis of the dialogue database provided by the company, which makes it applicable for absolutely any industry of commercial and state enterprises, B2B and B2C segments.

Digital2Speech by BSS is as safe as possible: the solution is developed in accordance with the principles and rules for processing personal data provided for by federal law (153-ФЗ (RUS)).

"Voice interfaces are already a common way to get information in online channels. Every month, more than 50 billion searches in search engines around the world are made via voice assistants. In Russia, services are also popular: more than a third of the population interact with voice assistants at least once a month. That is why the verbal channel of communication with the support service remains the preferred one: it is still the fastest way to clarify order status, delivery location, change parameters and much more. A new solution in our portfolio will allow the business to develop omnichannel customer service, improve the efficiency of existing communication channels and optimize the costs of user support and sales functions," Maria Bar-Biryukova, deputy general director, KORUS Consulting group of companies, notes.

"We see what changes are taking place in industries where internal and external communications require more and more resources. Voice solutions and automated assistants will strengthen their positions by providing better quality services, high speed of information processing and fast delivery of services to the client. Together with KORUS Consulting team, we plan to offer the market new unique business cases and a wide implementation practice. Strong expertise of the IT company will ensure the professional integration of BSS’s voice solutions into the existing infrastructure of customers," Alla Koreva, director of partner sales development, BSS, comments.

BSS Company is one of the market leaders in the development and implementation of remote banking and financial management systems for the banking, government and commercial sectors. The company employs over 600 employees, offices and branches are located throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Among BSS’s clients are banks of various sizes: both the largest federal and significant regional ones.

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