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Innovative Contact Center according to BSS: voice services and chat bots

30 November 2017

BSS Company took part in the X Forum "RETAIL FINANCE FORUM. MIND GAMES", organized by The Retail Finance magazine, as a Partner of the event and presented the developments based on voice technology and text chat bot for creating an innovative contact center.

Single integration platform BSS. Speech provides proof of identity by voice, automatic conversion of speech into a text entry, definition of the meaning of speech, and the allocation of semantic tags. Voice services "Auto attendant" and "Intelligent collector", as well as text chat-bot, are based on the platform. Today it is impossible to imagine an innovative bank’s contact center without the use of voice technology. For example, Alesya — the voice assistant of "BPS-Sberbank" — is a smart voice service robot that understands a person’s natural speech and can function as a contact center employee.

The use of voice services and chat bots will significantly improve the servicing speed and the quality of the consulting services provided, and will also increase the number of contacts with the client per unit of time. Over time, the robot’s zone of responsibility will expand, leading to an advance in economic benefits and the efficiency of its use.

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