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Digital revolution, ecosystems, marketplaces, chat-bots — BSS at the forum “All Banking Automation2017”

25 October 2017

>1_IMG_0979_prw.jpgIV International Forum "All Banking Automation 2017″, partnered with BSS Company, accumulated the most up-to-date and relevant solutions in the field of digital transformation of banks. BSS Company presented a substantial business program: demonstration of new interesting developments and solutions at the booth and during conference sessions.

2_IMG_1068_prw.jpgMr. Stanislav Shilov, Deputy Director of Corporate Products Department, BSS, spoke about the digital revolution in remote channels. The key thesis: the digital revolution in the banking sector is a fact, and now it is important for banks to cope with contemporary challenges in this new reality. At the same time, the evolutionary development of advanced industrial solutions allows creating effective digital banks on their basis. CORREQTS is such a real working platform. The open platform concept allows a bank to provide independence from the vendor, independently develop remote channels, integrate with external systems and services, and shorten the time-to-market. At the same time, BSS Company gives banks a wide range of opportunities to provide new services to their clients as part of CORREQTS development strategy and is ready to discuss and coordinate this strategy with partner banks. Not only successfully implemented projects are the results of the new strategy, but also is the wide recognition of the platform’s quality. The RBS solutions for legal entities CORREQTS Corporate and individuals CORREQTS Retail consistently rank high in the recognized industry ratings.

3_IMG_1022_prw.jpgMr. Stanislav Shilov continued the topic of an effective remote channel for corporate clients at the session "Marketplace and banking ecosystems: the bank as a trusted environment", discussing where the marketplace begins. He singled out the goals and objectives of the marketplace for corporate clients and, based on the experience of banks, determined the priorities for creating it — building an effective system for selling banking services in remote channels. "Electronic Office" by BSS Company can be an example of a solution that makes it possible to build a remote sales channel. It allows a bank to output proposals to remote channels with minimal costs and maintain document flow with a client. Basing on "Electronic Office", a bank can also build a full-fledged B2B marketplace — a platform for interaction between bank clients.

4_IMG_1088_prw.jpgMr. Alexey Guryanov, Director of voice digital technologies department, BSS Company, told about another promising area in the field of digital transformation of banks — voice services — at the session "Artificial Intelligence — Candidate for a vacancy in a bank" in the speech "We will talk by phone or what vacancies can natural speech processing systems claim." Voice service robots are already ready to occupy a vacancy of a personal consultant, a secretary, a collector, and a security officer, as evidenced by the developments by BSS Company and their implementation in the leading banks of the Russian Federation and the CIS, for example, BPS-Sberbank and a pilot project in Alfa-Bank.

The organizers note the annual growth of interest of representatives of the banking community to the forum and demonstrated solutions: this year, over 1200 people became participants of "All Banking Automation". The business program consisted of 9 conferences, 110 reports, and 4 panel discussions. It is telling that the stand and speeches of BSS experts are invariably objects of the increased bankers’ attention.

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