Bank Ural FD: "We are the first among regional players in the financial market to connect to the Faster Payments System"

8 July 2020

Ural FD, the largest regional bank in the Perm Territory, has switched to the new system of remote banking services for individuals by BSS. Now retail clients of the bank have access to a convenient mobile application, a secure Internet bank with advanced capabilities, instant transfers via the Faster Payments System (the FPS), an information service via various communication channels based on Notification Server and functionality of interaction with services of federal authorities based on BSS e-Government Gate.

BSS and Bank Ural FD have been actively cooperating for over 12 years. The new project is a requirement of the times, the increased demands of the bank’s private clients and the focus of Ural FD to maintain leadership. The bank strives to improve the quality of service. The tasks are to provide the bank’s retail clients with a state-of-the-art Internet bank, develop the functionality of the RBS, get the opportunity to independently adapt the service, and to develop new opportunities.

The project’s key condition is the most painless change of the RBS system platform for individuals. Caring for clients, the convenience of their work and the availability of services is an important part of the bank’s strategy. The task was complicated by the process of changing the main information system — the ABS, which was going in parallel in Ural FD. This was reflected in the solution of issues of integration interaction, which were eventually successfully resolved.

"Bank Ural FD, with the support of BSS, has successfully completed another project within the framework of upgrading the RBS channels. We are glad that we were able to provide our clients with better and more modern Internet banking functionality. The bank will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved and will continue to make every effort to improve the quality of customer service," Maxim Ryazanov, head of Internet technologies, bank Ural FD, commented on the completion of the project.

During the project, special attention was paid to the mobile bank. The trend towards using primarily a mobile application to interact with the bank is gaining momentum. Private clients are especially demanding of the convenience and functionality of a mobile bank, ease of working with it, and ease of performing transactions. The new mobile application "Ural FD" is as functional as the web version, which made a good impression on the bank’s clients.

"We welcome the commitment of Bank Ural FD to innovative development and attentive attitude to client needs," Vitaly Pateshman, sales director, BSS, noted. "The solution by BSS easily allows you to connect additional functional and technological modules, launch a channel for automated servicing of retail clients — a voice bank based on Digital2Speech platform, as well as the functionality of remote client identification via UBS, USIA, etc. All this is in the nearest plans for the development of the system."

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