Results of the year

2019 was a turning point for BSS. The presented Digital2Go platform marked the beginning of the development and implementation of a number of banking services for various categories of clients. A new platform, new solutions, new approaches to development and implementation — all this gave rise to a new progress of the company.

Active interaction with client banks at all stages of implementation has allowed us to create outstanding services. Here are two compelling examples. A solution for small and medium-sized businesses based on Digital2Go platform in PJSC CB Vostochny, scaled to the entire bank network throughout the Russian Federation. And Ak Bars Business Online Internet bank based on Digital2SME solution in PJSC AK BARS BANK, which took the second place in Markswebb agency’s nomination of the best Internet banks for companies with foreign economic activity in the rating of the most efficient banks for small business.

The RBS digital platform

This was the year when BSS focused on the three most relevant areas. Time has shown that the choice was right. Solutions in these areas were most demanded by clients and noted by experts of the professional community.

1. Building a digital ecosystem of remote service channels with an advanced concept of marketplaces based on Digital2Go platform.
2. Development of voice services, including voice bank, based on neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence (AI).
3. Creation of services to detect cyber threats and prevent cybercrime.

The Company is actively developing and implementing solutions in the field of remote banking client service. It develops a high-tech ecosystem that allows banks to efficiently solve their business problems, and their clients to receive convenient, safe and modern service. Presenting a year ago a brand new Digital2Go platform, which was included in the top 5 of the Business Internet Banking Rank 2018 ranking, BSS developed Digital2SME and Digital2Business Mobile on its basis.

The first solution is intended for remote servicing of corporate clients of small, micro-business and individual entrepreneurs. The second one is a full-fledged corporate client’s mobile office.

Voice services

The most hype topic of recent time — neurotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) — is a serious, painstaking, long-term work in the field of R&D for BSS. And there are some notable successes. So, in 2019, two BSS intellectual assistants from different professional fields were awarded with expert recognition and awards. These are the virtual assistant of BPS-Sberbank "Alesya" and the Digital Intelligent Civil Servant "Nikolay" in the MFC of the Novosibirsk Region.

The Company is creating a new level of customer care along with BSS’s solutions based on neurotechnologies. The key point: BSS offers Digital2Speech — a single solution for omnichannel interaction. It includes systems of voice interaction, text interaction, speech recognition and processing, storage and processing of voice samples, speech analytics and voice biometrics. At the same time, BSS’s solutions can be developed and adapted to new requirements by the forces of the bank or its partners. They are flexible, fast, scalable, and vendor-independent.

In 2019, BSS moved from developing a voice bank to its implementation. The solution is built on BSS’s platform and implements a fundamentally new channel for the interaction of the bank and clients. Now, based on Digital2Go, BSS provides services in three channels at once — Internet banking, mobile banking, and voice banking. In 2020, an active replication of this solution is expected.

Cybercrime prevention

In 2019, with the rapid growth of cybercrime, BSS basing on many years of expertise and competence forced the development of a package of new services to ensure information security and reduce cyber risks — Security Advisor. In short, we are talking about a set of services that provides the revealing of vulnerabilities and errors in security settings.

It includes an external and internal pentest, security analysis of web and mobile applications, Wi-Fi networks, sociotechnical penetration test, simulation of DDoS attacks, fraud scenario testing, source code analysis, RedTeam, office physical penetration test, OSINT, audit, and IS consulting.

What is important, our own approaches have been developed that combine the best global practices and an exceptional focus on the financial industry.


The year began with the 12th ceremony of presenting the Bank of the Year main financial award organized by Banki. ru Holding with the participation of BSS as an IT partner.

One of the main events for BSS in 2019 was the purchase of iDA Mobile. As a result, BSS has gained strong expertise and serious competency in the field of mobile solutions. BSS together with iDA Mobile already have a successful practice of creating mobile applications for UniCredit Bank, Intesa Bank, SKB Bank, Ural FD Bank, etc.

BSS’s collaboration with Webim company has provided a new level of omnichannel communication. The RBS system for retail clients integrates the popular Webim online consulting service. Among the most relevant Webim features are integration with BSS’s chatbots of any complexity, file sharing, CRM integration, separation of operators depending on their competencies or topics of calls, etc.

The activities of BSS are reflected on the map "Information Technologies in the Bank" by TAdviser analytical center. BSS is represented in three branches, functional areas of banks: products and services, sales and service in channels, risk management and reporting.

In 2019, BSS showed a steady increase in financial performance. So, in the direction of solutions for corporate clients, the growth was 6.8%. The direction of solutions for individuals proved to be more effective in terms of revenue — 19.2%. But the most phenomenal was the growth of new directions — 291.7%.

Awards. Ratings. Appreciation.

In 2019, BSS improved its positions in a number of industry specialized ratings.

BSS moved up to 15th place in CNews Analytics rating of "Largest IT Providers for Banks 2019″, which unites 50 companies. It is worth noting that BSS is one of the few companies in the presented rating, which is almost completely focused on the banking financial market.

The results of the annual ranking of the largest Russian groups and companies in the field of information and communication technologies, conducted by RA RAEX, were impressive for BSS. For the second year in a row, BSS strengthens its position in the overall table. This time it took the 23rd place, climbing 4 steps.

Even more impressive are the results of strengthening BSS’s positions in the list of companies providing services in the field of information technology. Here, the Company climbed the 21st from the 28th position. In the list of the largest software developers, BSS improved its results by one step (18th place). BSS is confidently in the Top 3 of Distribution list.

For the first time, BSS took part in TAdviser agency’s Largest IT service providers rating, which has been published annually since 2014. In the Top 50 list, BSS started from the 26th line, which is a good result and correlates with data from other ratings.

BSS’s products are also highly rated. So, PJSC AK BARS BANK entered the top 3 most effective online banks for small businesses according to Markswebb with a solution based on Digital2SME. In the ranking Business Internet Banking Rank 2019, it took the 2nd place in the category of the best Internet banks for companies with foreign trade activities.

PJSC CB Vostochny with the Internet bank for SMEs based on Digital2Go platform was recognized as one of the top 20 in the course of research by the international association SME Banking Club TOP-20 Business Online Banking 2019. In total, more than 150 banks from 11 countries of the region were analyzed. Also, PJSC CB Vostochny’s Internet bank for SMEs based on Digital2Go platform won the prize of Best for Life International Award at Best for Life Design Forum & Award, an international forum in design and architecture held in the Italian city of Como.

Voice services by BSS were also marked by the awards and recognition of the professional community. Digital intellectual civil servant Nikolay, a neurobot consultant developed by BSS, became the laureate of the All-Russian Prize in the field of import substitution "Project Leader" in the nomination "Integration of Digital Technologies". Also, BPS-Sberbank’s contact center won Crystal Headset international competition. This is largely due to the implementation of a comprehensive project for the introduction of voice services based on BSS’s voice platform and the creation of Alesya intelligent assistant.

Development of the RBS


Having released Digital2Go platform in 2018, BSS was actively developing and implementing it in banks during 2019. The logical outcome of the Company’s efforts was the success of PJSC CB Vostochny and PJSC AK BARS BANK.

One of the key advantages of Digital2Go is the provision of services based on one solution for different client segments. In the banking market, a situation has arisen when banks provide each category of clients with a separate RBS solution, essentially separate independent solutions. This means that each of them requires separate, independent support, development and maintenance, which seriously increases the cost of ownership of these solutions for banks. BSS provides several services for different categories of clients in one solution — Digital2Go platform, which is much more effective for the bank.

Mobile First

The Mobile First concept has become practically the standard in the field of remote servicing of not only retail, but also corporate clients. The development of mobile systems dictates the form factor of remote channels’ development. In 2019, responding to a global request, BSS introduced a new mobile solution — Digital2Business Mobile to the market. The mobile bank is designed for iOS and Android operating systems and is designed for banking services to a wide range of clients: from individual entrepreneurs to medium and large business clients.

RBS monitoring

RBS is a critical system for the operation of the bank, and should be available 24/7. Understanding this and responding to the request from banks, BSS has released a special solution for monitoring the availability of remote banking services. The service makes it possible to track the availability of not only hardware, but also conduct proactive checks on the availability of services and business monitoring of activity in the RBS system, and build heat maps of the demand for certain services for users of the RBS systems.

In 2020, it is planned to expand the functionality of the RBS monitoring, in particular, the implementation of the construction of various sales funnels based on client activity in the channel.

Updating systems

The traditional BSS services have also been developed. So, the functionality of "BSS e-Government Gate" system, which is designed to organize convenient interaction of bank systems (RBS, ABS) with various GIS services through IEIS, was improved. FRAUD-Analysis system, intended to prevent fraud in the banking systems for legal entities and individuals, was developing. A joint antifraud solution by BSS and Diasoft based on FRAUD-Analysis system was implemented. iDa Mobile company, as part of iDa Pro product, has carried out a number of improvements that make it possible to quickly implement the Faster Payments System (FPS) in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

RBS projects

Throughout the course of 2019, while making major efforts to develop Digital2Go platform and solutions based on it, BSS received positive ratings and interest from banks. By the end of the year, about 8 banks have already used or implemented the flagship solution.

Among them are the above-mentioned PJSC CB Vostochny and PJSC AK BARS BANK, as well as PJSC AKB Svyaz-Bank, JSC JSB ROSSIA, PJSC CB Center-invest, and JSC SMP Bank.

Throughout the year, the position of the Mobile First concept was strengthening in the Russian banking market. There was an increase in interest from large banks in the provision of remote services for both individuals and legal entities in mobile channels.

For BSS, this direction was associated with the implementation of three large projects. Redesign of the mobile bank taking into account the characteristics of the retail sector clients in JSC DOM. RF, JSC JSCB NOVIKOMBANK and Bank VBRR (JSC). The ergonomics of the interface and navigation were greatly improved. In general, the mobile bank was improved taking into account the wishes of clients and compliance with the best modern practices. The implementation of projects and the use of mobile solutions by clients was highly appreciated by the banks.

The emergence of the Faster Payments System (FPS) has become a serious tool that influenced the development of remote channels.

BSS was one of the first to introduce support for this technology at UniCredit Bank JSC. The project was completed as soon as possible. As a result, the bank is completely satisfied with the new functionality and ideally fitted into the terms for connecting the service defined by the Bank of the Russian Federation. Then such an opportunity appeared within the framework of the standard system.

The principal project for the company was the implementation of the RBS system for retail clients at ROSKOSMOSBANK JSC. City-forming bank for Baikonur, it has a socially important function. For us, this is a challenge to provide convenient services at the level of advanced solutions of Russian banks. In 2019, a contract was signed and the active phase of the project began. The launch of the system is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

For BSS, 2019 became important in terms of international cooperation — the Company entered the market of Uzbekistan. This is a new and promising market for BSS, which the Company enters with the newest and most advanced digital banking platform Digital2Go. Orient Finance Bank has become a strategic partner. The bank will implement a single digital solution for individuals and legal entities. Now we are working on a localized version of the RBS, which includes not only the best domestic, but also world practices.

In 2019, the RBS system for corporate clients was chosen by SOYUZ Bank (JSC), Asia-Invest Bank (JSC), The Bank "IBA-MOSCOW" LLC, KB Center-invest PJSC, NIKO-BANK PJSC, and JSC SME Bank.

JSC JSCB NOVIKOMBANK launched a new Internet bank for corporate clients based on BSS’s platform.

Banca Intesa implemented a new platform for digital banking for organizations and entrepreneurs based on BSS’s solutions.

The RBS system for retail clients was chosen by JSC Timer Bank, PJSC AKB Ural FD, JSCB Energobank (JSC).

The mobile bank for business was chosen by JSCB Energobank (JSC), Bank SOYUZ (JSC), Asia-Invest Bank (JSC), TATSOTSBANK JSC, The Bank "IBA-MOSCOW" LLC, NIKO-BANK PJSC, JSC JSB ROSSIA, JSCB Energobank (JSC), PJSC AK BARS BANK.

FRAUD-Analysis system was chosen by JSB ROSSIA JSC, Crédit Agricole CIB AO, NIKO-BANK PJSC, Russian Standard Bank JSC, HSBC Bank (RR) LLC, JSC NVKbank, JSC Uri Bank, ING BANK (EURASIA) JSC, LLC CB Kaluga, PJSC Bank Torzhok.

PJSC AK BARS BANK implemented Enterprise Clearing Centre (ECC).

Solutions. AI and voice services

In 2019, the development and implementation of services based on voice technologies and artificial intelligence has reached a new level.

Digital2Speech solution integrates the entire line of products for automating work with natural speech: voice assistant, text chat bot, speech analytics, and voice biometrics. Digital2Speech operates on the basis of BSS’s single omnichannel platform — Digital2Go. At the heart of Digital2Speech is a virtual team of assistants to solve business problems 24/7/365.

This helps contact centers to solve much more problems based on available resources, significantly increase efficiency and promote professional growth of staff. Up to 80% of client requests are processed by robots. The time of waiting and interaction is reduced by 15-50%. Customer satisfaction increases by 10-25%.

The virtual assistant Alesya of the contact center at BPS-Sberbank, created on the basis of BSS’s voice technologies, won the nomination "Best application of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence" in the section "Rewards for innovations and effective technologies" in 2019. The development was highly praised by the jury and the citywide contact center of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies.

Another widely recognized BSS’s implementation was the neurobot consultant Nikolay, a digital intellectual civil servant at the Novosibirsk MFC. It became a participant and Laureate of the All-Russian Import Substitution Award "Project Leader 2019″.

Another development in the field of artificial intelligence and voice technology has become a solution for voice bank. BSS is already conducting a project at PJSC JSCB Ural FD to introduce a voice bank.

If until now the Internet banking system and the mobile bank were meant by the RBS system, now a new channel is implemented on the basis of Digital2Go — the voice bank. As a result, services are provided in three channels at once on the basis of a single solution.

The appearance of a new channel in the bank allows automating about 40% of calls without the participation of bank employees. These are, as a rule, typical messages on the most popular topics. All information is already in the RBS channel, which ensures the rapid implementation of a new voice bank.

In 2020, an active replication of this solution is expected.

Solutions. Cybersecurity.

Over the years, BSS has been actively developing its expertise and competencies in the field of information security. The opening of a new cybersecurity direction became a new level and a response to current challenges in 2019. These are services for detecting cyber threats, combating cybercrime, and protecting information at various levels of access. In particular, BSS conducts penetration tests to effectively identify weaknesses in the security system, as well as audit and information security consulting.

At the end of 2019, the first projects were completed at Kama Commercial Bank LLC and CB Stolichniy Credit LLC. The projects showed high results and received positive feedback from clients which confirms the importance of the direction among banks. In addition, the first months of work in the direction showed that cybersecurity services are in demand not only by large banks, but are also relevant for regional banks. The service provided fully meets the needs of both large federal banks and small regional banks.


In terms of developing partnerships, active collaboration with SafeTech took place in 2019. The number of banks that have chosen PayControl solution by SafeTech based on BSS’s RBS systems has been seriously expanded.

JSC Credit Europe Bank (Russia), Vozrozhdenie (PJSC), and JSC SMP Bank have successfully implemented and started using PayControl solution in the RBS for legal entities implemented on the basis of BSS’s platform. When using Internet banking and mobile banking, clients of the banks got the opportunity to safely confirm their financial transactions with one movement on a mobile device.

The solution by SafeTech was also chosen by JSCB FORA-BANK (JSC), PJSC Energomashbank, PJSC AKB Ural FD, JSICB "ENISEISK UNITED BANK", JSC AB ROSSIA, JSC Russian Standard Bank.


BSS-Security company, a center of competence in the field of information security, provides services in the field of information protection under the existing licenses of the FSB of Russia and FSTEC of Russia.

In 2019, the company carried out certification of IS application software for state structures, and audited banks in accordance with IB requirements. Among the largest projects, it is worth highlighting the certification of IS SUDIR DIT Moscow and the modernization of the information security system of the Moscow City Property Department. Interaction with DIT continued — preparations for certification/attestation of IS Centers for automatic recording of administrative offenses, IS of crowdsourcing platform, IS of Techportal of municipal services portal of Moscow. State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Metro" became a new key client in 2019.

Prospects 2020

In 2020, BSS will focus on the following key and most promising areas:

1. Development of Digital2Go platform. Active development of new functionality, expansion of capabilities, and development of new services will continue. So, on the basis of Digital2Go platform, it is planned to release a solution to serve a new segment — large corporate clients — Digital2CIB.
2. Information security and the fight against cybercrime.
3. Replication of the voice bank built on Digital2Speech integrated platform.
4. Development of RBS Monitoring solution. The plans include expanding the monitoring functionality, including the capabilities to build various sales funnels based on client activity in the channel.